Zambia Weekly has no political, religious or ethnic affiliations, but we do see ourselves as defenders of the voiceless in Zambia, and therefore keep a vigilant eye on poor governance.

Zambia Weekly was founded to cut through the polarisation in the media in Zambia. We endeavour to present a fair and balanced coverage of competing interests by compiling our articles based on several sources. All our articles are written in-house, and we do not reprint material that has been printed elsewhere or published on the Internet, unless otherwise stated.

Every effort is made to ascertain the factual accuracy of articles by crosschecking facts, keeping in mind how difficult it is to find reliable sources in Zambia.

All editorial content is selected to provide a weekly overview of the top stories in Zambia. We write our articles based on their news value, not for commercial reasons. All advertisements are therefore clearly distinguishable as such.

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