The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) is increasingly confiscating its dues directly from taxpayers’ bank accounts, without their knowledge, irrespective of whether or not the outstanding dues are in dispute. ZRA spokesman Topsy Sikalinda confirmed this, after the public reacted to a leaked notice from ZRA to Finance Bank and Barclays Bank, asking the two banks to freeze the accounts of Lamasat International, and remit up to K14.1 million in outstanding tax dues. Sikalinda explained that the ZRA is now moving in with warrants of distress and garnishee orders on all business organisations that have not met their laws behind ZRA freezing accountstax obligations, and those who have abrogated their time-to-pay agreements. A garnishee order is a legal notice that allows a creditor to recoup funds from a debtor by means of a deduction from their salary or other sources (see Fact Box).