Two months ago, drinking water in Lusaka turned brown due to molasses pollution. The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company engaged the relevant authorities to carry out investigations, but while we are waiting for the outcome, fingers are being pointed at Zambia Sugar. Lusaka gets a large part of its drinking water via a pipeline from the Kafue River, with the water intake located in Kafue, downstream of Zambia Sugar’s Nakambala Estates. Apparently, Zambia Sugar used to export its molasses – a by-product of sugar production – to South Africa for cattle feed, but that market has dried up. Instead, Zambia Sugar is allegedly using an old way of disposing of molasses by pouring it on its dirt roads (excellent for dust suppression). However, these days Zambia Sugar is producing a lot more molasses than in the old days, and some of the molasses therefore washes into the Kafue River.