The US has released its 2016 Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Zambia, observing “serious human rights problems”, especially pertaining to restrictions on media freedom. The reports pointed out that officials have closed, censored and sued radio, print and online media outlets over government-critical content, and that several journalists had been arrested, threatened or beaten up. Other areas of concern included political violence, the abuse of the Public Order Act to block the opposition, police abuse (unlawful killings, torture and beatings), arbitrary arrests, prolonged pre-trial detention and life-threatening prison conditions, gender-based violence, arbitrary interference with privacy, displacement of landowners, government corruption, child abuse and child labour, human trafficking, and discrimination against persons with disabilities and minority communities. The report was compiled by the US embassy in Zambia, reportedly with the help from government, NGOs and other members of civil society. Its aim is to reflect US commitment to the advancement of human rights around the world… and at home.

Full report available here.