When winding up the debate on the new debt ceiling (see article this page), Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda accused the opposition of refusing to “see” the roads and hospitals being built, even in Southern Province, the stronghold of the main opposition party UPND: “I feel pity for them, because they belong to a party that will never form government for the simple reason that it has exclusivity on where the leaders come from,” Chikwanda stated. The Speaker then warned Chikwanda, but he persevered: “I just want to stray a little… PF is a model, when our hero died, there was no insistence that since he comes from the northern part of the country…”, but was interrupted by the Speaker, who ordered him to sit down, after which parliament broke out in tumult. Tempers flared, and security had to be brought in, after Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili challenged UPND MPs to a fight, reported the Post. The opposition demanded that Chikwanda withdraw his statement, to which he allegedly replied: “I will deal with you, you want to bring tribalism in here…”, which only succeeded in intensifying the chaos, leading the Speaker to ask Chikwanda to withdraw his statement, which he refused to do: “I didn’t say anything offensive, I am morally constrained… I was just talking about political parties…”. The Speaker then threatened to abandon the whole process, which convinced Chikwanda that he should wind up the debate: “I have never been offensive. I said it is regrettable if I offended anybody”, and that is where it all ended.