The state has entered a nolle prosequi in the case in which opposition UPND party president Hakainde Hichilema (HH) is charged with disobeying lawful orders to give way to President Lungu’s motorcade in Mongu.

The defence objected to the nolle prosequi, calling for a trial so HH and his co-accused could be properly cleared instead of having a nolle prosequi “lingering on their heads”, as the state can re-arrest them at any time. The defence argued that the state was abusing the court process simply to keep HH locked up.

HH was charged with 3 offences, 2 of which still stand:

  1. Disobeying lawful orders to give way to Lungu’s motorcade (Magistrate’s Court).
  2. Use of insulting language against police officers, allegedly calling them “dogs”, “mother fuckers”, “idiots” and “assholes” when HH was arrested (Magistrate’s Court).
  3. Treason by 1) mobilising an advance party to ensure that HH was accorded the status of republican president at the Kuomboka Ceremony, and 2) by obstructing the presidential motorcade, an act that was likely to cause death or grievous harm to the president, in order to usurp the executive power of the state (High Court).