The discovery of four bodies with missing body parts near Paradise in George Township, Lusaka, resulted in the burning down of Mwembeshi Police Post in the neighbouring Zingalume Township, as residents tried to gain access to the apprehended suspects. The bodies of four men were reportedly found with missing private parts and ears, indicative of ritual murders. According to police, the victims were dumped in the area after being murdered elsewhere. When a rumour started circulating that police had apprehended two or four suspects, the residents rioted, throwing stones at the police post, and eventually setting it ablaze, in an effort to get the police to hand over the suspects. A truck and three cars were also burned. Several commentators pointed out that it was rather counter-productive to burn a police post. It has, however, been seen before, with police posts in Misisi, Garden, Ng’ombe, and Kafue being set ablaze by angry residents.