Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri has challenged Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili, reminding her that she is not minister for life, and declaring that he would enter Zambia, with or without the authorities approval. Bushiri responded to last week’s episode, when Zimbabwean prophet Uebert Angel was denied entry into Zambia at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka. Angel was scheduled to hold a crusade in Lusaka, but Sumaili explained that “only men of God, be it pastors, missionaries and prophets preaching the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ will be allowed in the country”. Sumaili accused Angel – and other international prophets – of exploiting the poor in Zambia. This week, the government-friendly Daily Nation reported that Bushiri’s supporters gathered in vain at the airport in Lusaka on 17 May to welcome their prophet, but the government-critical online Zambian Observers reported that Bushiri had, in fact, arrived, but through Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola, using his private jet, and that he was now comfortably installed at Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka. It was unclear what Bushiri was up to in Zambia.

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