Police have apparently tear-gassed about 60 Congolese people at Kazungula Border Post in an effort to prevent them from trying to leave the country for Botswana. According to the Post, government forcibly moved several Congolese and Rwandan people to Mayukwayukwa Refugee Camp in Western Province and Meheba Refugee Camp in Northwestern Province in the aftermath of last month’s xenophobic attacks in Lusaka. However, many of them have since fled the camps: “When we arrived here at Kazungula, after walking all the way from Mayukwayukwa, the immigration officers told us that we could not be allowed to go into Botswana, because we did not have permits,” one desperate man told the Post. However, when the Congolese men, women and children refused to budge, the police were brought in. The foreigners’ further fate went unreported.