The ruling PF party has reportedly started firing and suspending officials for supporting independent parliamentary candidates in this year’s elections. Many political parties see disagreements between their local and national structures over the fielding of candidates ahead of an election. As the national structures often assert their authority over the local ones, despite the latter having a better idea of the local support base, this always inspires some rebels to ditch their party and run as independent candidates instead. This year’s elections saw a total of 14 independent MPs being elected, allegedly with some campaign support from the PF, but the independent MPs have discovered that they can divide and rule. This week, for instance, they, along with UPND’s MPs, apparently demanded that their parliamentary sitting allowance should be increased from K1,500 a day to K3,000 a day, after parliament voted to sit for longer hours to clear all business before Christmas, which led President Lungu to declare that he had lost trust in the independent MPs. The PF has warned the rest of its officials that they should not work with the independent MPs. In response, the 14 independent MPs resolved that they would no longer be voting with the PF in parliament.