power balance in parliamentThe Electoral Commission of Zambia is yet to release the official results for the election of MPs, two weeks after the elections were held on 11 August, however a compilation shows that the ruling PF party won convincingly: the new parliament comprises MPs from 4 parties, namely PF (80 MPs), UPND (58), MMD (3) and FDD (1), along with a surprisingly high number of independent MPs (14), suggesting that familiarity is important when people vote for MPs. It was a major blow for Edith Nawakwi’s FDD, which fielded 109 candidates, as well as Wynter Kabimba’s Rainbow Party with 51 candidates (see table).
If the UPND loses its election petition, and president-elect Edgar Lungu is sworn in, he will be able to nominate 8 MPs, bringing the total number of PF MPs to 88, meaning a majority of the seats in parliament of 53.7% (he currently has 48.8%). If the UPND wins, Hakainde Hichilema will nominate 8 MPs, giving him a total of 66 UPND MPs, or a minority of 40.2% (he currently has 35.4%). The independent candidates can look forward to some attractive offers in the fight for power in the new parliament.