PF MP Rodgers Mwewa has successfully moved a private motion in parliament seeking to amend the constitution. The motion suggests to get rid of the newly introduced 50%+1 system for election of a president, reverting instead to the previous simple majority system, and to revert to swearing in a new president within 24 hours, not 7 days. It also suggests that MPs should once again become members of local councils to ensure a well-coordinated approach to development. PF MPs were in support of the motion, while UPND MPs were against, and when it went for a vote, it sailed through thanks to PF’s majority in parliament, with 91 MPs voting for, 52 against, and 1 abstaining. This means parliament is now recommending government to amend these sections of the constitution. The PF government was propelled into power in 2011 on many promises, one of them being the enactment of 50%+1, due to a clear demand from the population, which the previous MMD government chose to ignore. The 50%+1 system was enacted to ensure that Zambia would have a popular president, and not one elected with as little as 20-something percent, as has previously been the case.