The Daily Nation has threatened to sue the Mast Newspaper over an article, in which the latter accused the former of lying. Last week, the Daily Nation reported that the police had asked Interpol to help it find Fred M’membe, the elusive owner of the now defunct Post Newspaper, quoting Lusaka Police Chief Nelson Phiri for saying that “Interpol is now pursuing him”. However, a few days later, the Mast reported that Phiri denied his statement under the headline of “Daily Nation lying”. In this article, Phiri told the Mast that he had told the Daily Nation that he could not comment on anything outside his jurisdiction, but had advised the newspaper to “maybe go and ask Interpol (…), but I did not say Interpol was after him”. However, the Daily Nation claims that its reporter is in possession of a recording of the interview with Phiri, in which he confirmed that Interpol was assisting in arresting M’membe. It therefore demanded a retraction of the offensive article and an apology, failure to which it would commence legal action. The Daily Nation demanded the same from Phiri.