One of the two presidents of the opposition MMD party, Nevers Mumba, has objected to the other MMD president Felix Mutati being nominated as member of parliament (MP) (the two are still in court about the leadership of MMD). Last week, President Lungu nominated Felix Mutati, Lucky Mulusa and Nathaniel Mubukwanu as MPs in order to appoint them ministers of finance, national development and Western Province, respectively. However, Mumba argued that they were barred by Article 69 of the Constitution, which states that “a person who was a candidate for election in the last preceding general election or a subsequent by-election is not eligible to be nominated as MP”. Mumba argued that the “last preceding general election” was the one held in 2011, but PF Information and Publicity Committee Member Sunday Chanda argued that it was the one in 2016. All three of the nominated MPs were MPs for shorter or longer periods of time in the last parliament.