Lungu's hat sale - TAX!

One of President Lungu’s ties has raked in K320,000 at an auction during a PF meet-the-president fundraising dinner in Lusaka. Lungu also sold one of his signature hats for K185,000. Apparently, he wore this hat during the 2015 and 2016 election campaigns.

Lungu’s personal effects, especially his hats, have become quite a money-maker for the ruling PF party. It started in May 2015, at a party fundraiser in Solwezi, when Lungu sold a hat (K55,200), a wrist watch (K16,000) and a bow tie (K4,200). Then, in August 2015, at a fundraiser at Mulungushi Conference Centre in Lusaka, it was a hat (K180,000), a bow tie (K10,000) and a portrait of himself and the first lady (K59,000). Finally, in October 2015, at a fundraising dinner for Zambians in New York, Lungu auctioned a hat for $10,000 to James Wang, chairman of Amer International Group, a Chinese company dealing in nonferrous metals and products.

At last week’s auction, the PF raised over K1 million in cash donations and pledges. The party also auctioned photographs of Lungu in various settings, paintings and an autographed book. The tie was bought by Petand Mechanics and Transport CEO Petar Zeravica, while the hat was bought by 29-year-old Munir Zulu, CEO of Shareek General Dealers, who said he paid this much “for the love of PF”.

The meet-the-president dinner was organised by the youth wing of the ruling PF party.