Lake Kariba water level

The water level in Lake Kariba has risen to 481.82 metres above sea level (masl) as at 19 April 2017, against a minimum operating level for hydropower generation of 475.50 masl, meaning that the electricity-generating top of the lake is 46% full (black curve). This time Last year the lake was 24% full (brown curve), and the figure clearly shows that Lake Kariba is in the process of recovering from the over-utilisation in 2015/16 (blue curve). In an effort to make amends, both Zambia and Zimbabwe have had to reduce electricity generation at Lake Kariba. Thus, Kariba North Bank Power Station is currently generating 380 MW, against its installed capacity of 1,080 MW. How much Zimbabwe is pulling out of its Kariba South Bank Power Station is anyone’s guess. It will take about three years of above-normal rainfall to fully restore the water level in Lake Kariba.