MMD Muchinga MP Howard Kunda has been accused by UPND Monze MP Jacob Mwiimbu of secretly crossing over to the ruling PF party. Mwiimbu referred to a letter from Kunda to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Patrick Matibini, in which Kunda presented himself as a PF member. After UPND’s MPs boycotted President Lungu’s ‘state of the nation’ address, the PF allegedly wrote a barrage of complaint letters to Matibini. The letters were apparently written on behalf of all PF MPs – and supporting MMD MPs – because Kunda explained that “the person who drafted his letter was the same who might have written letters for the PF members, hence the mistake”. Later in the week, Matibini ruled that Hunda had not crossed the floor, and hence had not abrogated Article 72 of the Constitution:

Article 72 (2) (d): “The office of MP becomes vacant if the member resigns from the political party, which sponsored the member for election to the National Assembly”.