Government has started the process of amending the constitution – to deal with “lacunas” – after the PF-dominated parliament recently recommended doing so, Justice Minister Given Lubinda told the Daily Nation. For now, Lubinda has asked all ministries, government agencies and political parties to comment, and once the recommended amendments have been published in the government gazette, the public will have 30 days to comment – and comment it will, as civil society has been out in droves condemning what it sees as government’s hidden agenda to get rid of constitutional clauses not to its liking. Last month, parliament voted to remove several clauses, including the 50%+1 system for election of a president, the vice-president being elected as the president’s running mate, the 14-day window before swearing in a president after election, and MPs not being members of councils. The vote was triggered by a private motion moved by PF MP Rodgers Mwewa.