Ruling PF party deputy spokesman Frank Bwalya has denied that he called the police “unprofessional” in connection with the cancelled UPND rally in Lusaka. QFM Radio reported that Bwalya “dismissed as a fabrication” this statement, and that he challenged online media “to provide evidence that he authored the statement”…. which Lusaka Times seemingly did. It uploaded a news report, in which Bwalya clearly is saying: “As a party we don’t control the police, we don’t give them instructions. There is no piece of legislation in this country that gives the Patriot Front (PF) power to tell the police what to do. If someone could have said anything to that effect, and the police follow it, it’s because the police themselves are being unprofessional”. The report was said to come from Muvi TV, but it lacked the usual trademarks of Muvi TV, such as its logo in the top left corner, raising suspicion in these days of rampant fake news.