We are less than four months away from the general elections on 11 August 2016, which will be combined with a referendum on the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, or so we have been told. Yet, we are in complete darkness as to how this will be done. The Bill of Rights is a cornerstone of democracy, as it protects the rights of all citizens, and ensures that government does not infringe on these rights. This is where citizens are secured social justice and economic development, as the Bill of Rights upholds values of human dignity, equality and freedom. Not too much to ask for in Zambia where government sometimes forget that its role is to govern on behalf of the people rather than itself. Yet, government remains surprisingly mute on how it intends to carry out this quite challenging exercise of holding three elections (president, MPs and councillors) and a referendum simultaneously. One must hope it is not in the process of forgetting about the referendum.