A meal at school - TAX!

The Home Grown School Meals (HGSM) Programme will be rolled out to all primary schools in Zambia, according to Higher Education Permanent Secretary Henry Tukombe. He was speaking during a workshop to evaluate the programme’s impact in Lusaka. “This programme will not only promote national food security, but, more importantly, contribute to national food and nutrition security, leading to poverty alleviation,” he said. HGSM was started in 2003 on the back of research showing that it would improve enrolment, attendance and performance, and it does, which is why the programme is now being extended to the entire country. Currently, about 1 million schoolchildren in 38 districts are receiving a free meal every day, but no figure was given for the number of future beneficiaries. The programme is also benefitting local farmers, who supply most of the food, hence the programme’s name. HGSM is jointly implemented by government and the World Food Programme, supported by the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the European Union and several civil society partners.